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Dirty Energy Money

Challenging dirty energy's dominance of our democracy

Dirty Energy Money is an interactive tool that tracks the flow of oil, gas and coal industry contributions to the US Congress.


How much Dirty Energy Money have your Politicians accepted?

Dirtiest Politicians

Spotlight on Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX)

$2,656,065 in Dirty Energy Money since 1999

Barton is one of Congresses dirtiest politicians, with nearly $2 million in dirty energy money contributions since 1999, 57 percent of which come from oil companies. Barton feels so indebted to the oil industry that he was compelled to apologize to BP for what he called a White House ‘shakedown’ after BP agreed to set up a $20 billion fund to clean up and compensate victims of its 4.9 million barrel oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Even the GOP found this hard to take, and he was forced to apologize for his apology or face removal from his treasured position on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Barton votes with Big Oil 100 percent of the time and has consistently voted against an end to oil and gas subsidies and most recently for removing the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases. Barton recently told an incredulous ABC reporter that removing tax breaks for Big Oil at a time when profits are bigger than ever could lead to oil companies deserting the United States.

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